Join the Race to End Trafficking

#77 Racing
1000 Miles at Thunderhill
to raise funds for the fight against trafficking our kids

Thunderhill Champion, Rob Butler is partnering with music legend Paul Brandt and Not In My City. You can be part of the Team too by making a pledge towards every mile we make at the iconic five mile Thunderhill Raceway this coming November 18th


#77 mission

Disrupting trafficking at the point of demand by supporting Law Enforcement.

How we do it

Every pledge is directed towards the daily sacrifice made by Law Enforcement through enhancing education, assets, collaboration and officer well being in Canada, USA and beyond.

Why racing?

Winning an Endurance Race requires, a willingness to learn, a commitment to moving forward in the face of setbacks and exhaustion, competent techniques and tools, but most importantly an entire Team and Community. We will not disrupt the Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of our Kids if we don’t come together and fight to protect the Innocence of our Children.

What your funds
are supporting?

This year Law Enforcement professionals from across Canada participated in the first ever Maddison Sessions. Named after Maddison Fraser who lost her life as a victim of trafficking and organised by Not In My City, The Maddison Sessions is the first ever summit of its kind aimed at making connections and sharing intelligence across law enforcement networks.

The #77 Initiative, thanks to you, was fortunate in being a Founding Donor in 2023. 100% of your Pledge towards every mile #77 makes in the Race to End Trafficking will go to the second annual summit of The Maddison Sessions scheduled for 2024. The Maddison Sessions has already impacted several cases directly and is contributing to saving kids every day.

“I have been in Law Enforcement for twenty years and this was the best conference I have ever been to”

“This conference has set us forward by five years”



& Race Support

Advanced Auto Fabrication

Endurance Race Victories

– First Place 1000 Miles at Thunderhill Race Way 2023

– Champion 1000 Miles at Thunderhill Raceway
– 1st Place 24 Hours Qlispe Raceway
– 1st Place 1000 Miles at Thunderhill Raceway
– 1st Place Eight Hours at Area 27 Motorsports Park

– 1st Place Eight Hours at The Ridge Motorsports Park
– 2nd Place 1000 Miles at Thunderhill Raceway
– 2nd Place Seven Hours at The Ridge Motorsports Park
– 2nd Place Dutchway Enduro


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